Cricket World Cup 2019: Indian fans set to outnumber home support for semifinal

Cricket World Cup 2019: Indian fans set to outnumber home support for semifinal

Reports suggest that Indian fans are all set to outnumber the home team’s supporter’s in the upcoming 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup semi-finals. If no surprises happen, India will face England and Australia will face New Zealand in the round of the final four.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reports that Steve Elworthy the managing director of the Cricket World Cup has defended the tournament’s ticket policy after it got revealed that Indian fans could outnumber the English fans in the high-profile semifinals clash.

“It’s so difficult,” he said. “The process was fair and open to everybody and we couldn’t favour one country over another. They wanted big numbers of Under 16s, a new audience and to engage the South East Asian community, which we have done. It all ties in with the ECB’s strategic direction,” he explained.

Elworthy further added that ensuring the venues were packed, was his priority. When asked about putting aside tickets for England fans, he said:

“It wasn’t discussed. We wanted full stadiums and we are blessed in this country we can do that. If we made special arrangements for one team, we’d have to do it for everybody.”

He further revealed how the management is monitoring ticket sales quite closely, so as to prevent mishaps.

“We can’t check the ID of everyone against the names on the tickets. There would be queues around the block. We are, however, monitoring the reselling websites and cancelling tickets,” he signed off.

One of the most refreshing sights in the Cricket World Cup so far, was the huge sea of blue in the stands, wherever India played. According to Daily Mail, the trend is expected to continue in the knockout stages as well.