R Ashwin’s advice to Pakistan on how to qualify for the World Cup semifinals using ‘Mankading’ tactics

India spinner R Ashwin gave Pakistan a cheeky solution to win the match against Bangladesh with the required run rate to see them through to the semifinals. Unfortunately, they didn’t take him up on it.

Much was made of Pakistan needing to defeat Bangladesh by a permutation of equally improbable scenarios and scores in order to make it into the semifinals of the World Cup.

In the end, Pakistan did manage to inflict a thorough defeat on the Bangladesh team by 94 runs – but it wasn’t quite enough as New Zealand, England, India and Australia booked their spots in the final four.

Ashwin’s idea to the Pakistan cricket team came about as a result of a brief interaction he had with a fan. The bowler took to twitter to express disbelief that the margin of victory had to be 311 (350) runs or more for Pakistan to go through when a fan referenced his ‘Mankading’ incident.

Ashwin had famously ‘Mankaded’ Jos Buttler in IPL 2019 and received a world of flak for his actions, but this time, the spinner ran with the jibe and cheekily advocated Pakistan using it as a tactic to potentially qualify for the semifinals.

You can see the screenshot of the tweets below:

Alas, as it would turn out, the Pakistan cricket team wouldn’t take him up on the idea and ended up crashing out of the tournament despite a strong second half group stage showing.

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