What Sri Lanka need to do to qualify for World Cup 2019 semifinals

The win for Australia against England has thrown the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 wide open, and three teams now have a genuine shot at qualifying for the semifinals.

We showed you what Pakistan need to do, and what Bangladesh need to do in order to reach the semis, but perhaps Sri Lanka have the best chance of making it out of these three teams.

Current position

The Lankan lions currently sit sixth in the table, but have played just six matches so far. That leaves them with another three games to play in the round robin stage.

Fixtures left

For Sri Lanka, the three matches that remain could decide their fate. They take on South Africa on 28th June 2019, before playing West Indies on 1st July 2019. They end their round robin matches against India on 6th July 2019.

What they need to do

If Sri Lanka manage to beat South Africa, West Indies and India, they would end up with a total tally of 12 points, and could realistically progress through to the semis.

What Sri Lanka will hope from other matches

England – Sri Lanka would need England to lose at least one of their two matches in the event that the Lankans win all three of theirs since the hosts have more wins than their Asian counterparts if points were to be tied.

In case Lanka lose one and win two then England would need to lose to both India and New Zealand.

Pakistan – To lose at least one match if Sri Lanka also lose one of theirs.

Bangladesh – To lose at least one match if Sri Lanka also lose one of theirs.

If Sri Lanka lose two matches or more, they will be eliminated.