Former Cricket World Cup winner predicts who will play the semifinals this time

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is entering an exciting stage of the tournament, where it is being increasingly clear which four teams will make the semifinals. Now, a former CWC winner has chimed in with his picks.

Steve Waugh won the 1999 World Cup with Australia, and lifted the trophy for the most successful country in World Cups till date. And his picks for the tournament are four teams that many would have expected too.

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“Whilst Sri Lanka didn’t really threaten Australia with perhaps the exception of their first 15 overs of batting it was another positive step for a team that seems destined to be joined in the semis with England, New Zealand and India,” Waugh was quoted as saying by the ICC.

“Each of these teams will be fine tuning and gathering impetus and knowledge before a final week where they only need to win two games to stand aloft. It could come down to one individual who leaves his mark and creates a legacy for himself and his team”, he added.

Waugh also picked his favourite player in the tournament so far, and went with a fellow Aussie in Aaron Finch as the best.

“He has remained calm and composed off the field in dealing with the media and has unquestionably been the premier batsman of the tournament,” Waugh said about Finch.

Can Australia win the World Cup again? Only time will tell.