WATCH: Replays show Virat Kohli never edged the ball despite walking against Pakistan at Cricket World Cup 2019

India lost their captain late on following a Mohammad Amir bouncer, but replays seem to show that Virat Kohli never nicked the ball at all. The drama at the ICC Cricket World Cup is compounded by the fact that the superstar batsman even decided to “walk” despite the umpire not giving him out.

The bouncer from Amir seemed to take a bit of wood on its way to the wicket-keeper, and though the umpire and Pakistanis seemed unsure, Kohli decided to walk off, suggesting he had nicked it.

Cricket World Cup 2019: Replays show Virat Kohli did not edge the ball

That bit of sportsmanship might have been admirable, but it turned to anguish soon, as replays later showed that there was clear daylight between bat and ball, and might as well have been called wide for height.

A distraught Kohli could be seen barking at himself in the dressing room soon after, with the commentators suggesting that a creak in the bat could have been the sound that the Indian captain heard.

As it turned out, his dismissal hurt India, as they could manage only 336/5 after 50 overs, whereas much more was on the cards with King Kohli at the crease.

Nonetheless, this could be a pivotal moment in the match as Pakistan get ready to come out and bat.