Former cricketer and World Cup 2019 commentator kicked off plane after altercation with two women

On Tuesday, May 21, former Australian opening batsman Michael Slater was kicked off a plane in Australia, after a heated argument with two women.

Slater fought with the two women – who were apparently his friends – inside a Qantas flight and that resulted in a delay by 30 minutes, for the flight to take off. a report said on Tuesday. The three of them were set to travel from Sydney to Wagga Wagga, Slater’s hometown in New South Wales.

According to reports, Slater locked himself in a toilet and refused to come out, after “yelling and swearing” at the women. Eventually, security had to be called to remove him from the plane.

Later that day, the former World Champion apologised for his “disruptive” behaviour. “I did have an argument with two friends whilst boarding a flight to Wagga and I apologise for the inconvenience this caused other passengers on the flight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Qantas in a statement to AFP, said: “Prior to departure on a Sydney to Wagga Wagga flight on Sunday, a male passenger was asked to leave the aircraft for being disruptive. He complied with the crew’s request.”

The former batsman was part of the Australian cricket team from 1993 to 2001, and played 74 Tests before his retirement in 2004. He was also a part of the Aussie team that won the World Cup in 1999.

Currently, he is a well-known television commentator and is due to commentate at the upcoming World Cup 2019 in England.