Twitter reacts as MS Dhoni is excluded from India’s tour of Australia

If you are a fan of cricket, you would know who MS Dhoni is. The former Indian captain has been around for a while now and is one of the most beloved cricketers in the world.

Dhoni’s humble persona along with exceptional skill has made him a fan-favourite of the sport. Therefore, it was only fair that Twitter users lost their collective minds when it came to light that one of the most iconic figures of the sport has been excluded from the team, for the upcoming series.

Indian cricket fans were delivered a late night shocker when it was announced that MS Dhoni would not be a part of the Twenty 20 squad for India’s series’ against West Indies, followed by Australia.

Clearly, fans did not take well to this announcement, with many expecting to see their favourite in action against difficult opposition.

And it was soon that some experts started weighing in with a view that this decision might have a lasting impact on the Indian cricket team.

Overall, it was a very emotional night for the Twitterati, with a collective display of anger and disappointment.

And then there those who saw an opportunity, and took it…

Let’s hope that the Indian cricket team doesn’t ‘disappear’ down under, without their ‘captain cool’ guiding from behind the wicket.