Kohli and India ponder DRS

 India Test captain Virat Kohli has spoken about the possibility of India using DRS in the near future labelling its use as certainly probable.

The DRS system has been opposed by India consistently since it first arrived on the scene but it would seem they are starting to come around.

Kohli said of DRS: "We will certainly look to probably introduce it [DRS] in future.

"Those are the things I can't say yes or no to sitting here,

 "But these are the things we have discussed. These are things we have had meetings on. Because there were some areas that we felt can be debated. Especially the ball-tracking and HawkEye. But, all in all, obviously when you feel that – I personally feel these things can be discussed and debated on.

"We wouldn't take [wrong umpiring] decisions too hard because we, in the first place, decided we would not use DRS. For us to then say that the umpires made an error and it is going against us, it is not logical. There is no room for excuses. 

"Once DRS is in place, once DRS is up and running for us as well, then you can sit and think what are the grey areas. As I said these things have been spoken about. We want to definitely think about it. but I can't make a decision sitting here right now. 

"It's something we have had discussions on."

India have reservations about the accuracy of the systems but would have benefitted in recent times if DRS had been in place in both their tour of Australia and their trip to Sri Lanka.

No other Test team opposes the use of DRS and the only other Test or bilateral series that don't feature the system are in cases when the hosts cannot afford the technology.