BCCI open to DRS but not Hawk-Eye

BCCI president, Anurag Thakur, says his organization are open to using the DRS system but are unhappy with the margin for error in the use of the Hawk-Eye technology.

Thakur has no problem using snicko or hotspot to aid the umpires but feels too much is left to chance with Hawk-Eye.

Thakur told ESPNcricinfo: "You can have some and leave [Hawk-Eye],

"If that comes as an option, we can look into that."

The ICC commissioned research at MIT to determine the efficacy of Hawk-eye, but Thakur was not impressed with the findings.

The president commented: "I raised this question at that time also, whether it is 100% foolproof? No. Whether changes are required? Yes. When it could be done? MIT was supposed to give a report but they are themselves not much confident that it could be 100% foolproof,

"Our only issue is whether a technology which is not 100% foolproof, shall we agree that error of judgment is equal with standing umpire and with the technology available? So that is the call we have to take."

The BCCI will be looking into trials of scaled back versions of the DRS, for domestic and international competitions in the near future.

Thakur concluded: "I said earlier also that you can have it partially without the lbw decisions, only for the rest of the decisions, Hawk-Eye and the rest of the stuff,

"But we need to ask ourselves if a machine is making the same error which a human is making, what are we getting out of it?"