Kevin Pietersen trolls Virat Kohli for hanging out with Harry Kane instead of Chelsea legends

Virat Kohli recently met with Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane, and the superstar duo played a bit of cricket together before posing for pictures.

Kohli shared his meeting with Kane on Instagram, and it drew up some interesting reactions, and one particularly hilarious one from former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

The best part about the meeting was perhaps Pietersen’s comment, that has left Premier League fans divided.

Pietersen wrote – “Pls hang out with someone from a proper football club, mate. Spurs are so far inferior to the Chelsea legends! Thanks.”

KP has been known to be a straight talker, and this comment perhaps proves that better than anything else, and also goes to show that cricket and football share a special relationship, that tends to get fans of both the sports closer as well.

India may have lost to England in the World Cup once, but will be keen to seek revenge in the semifinals with a possibility of the two giants playing each other again.