Twitter roasts Virat Kohli after he walks despite not edging the ball in Cricket World Cup 2019

Virat Kohli produced one of the blunders of the tournament – no, year – when he walked off despite not edging a Mohammad Amir delivery against Pakistan in their Cricket World Cup 2019 game.

Kohli was well set on 77 and showed signs of truly cutting loose – and in the process elevate India to above 350 – when he got a ripper of a bouncer from Mohammad Amir.

The Indian captain was done in for pace and was rushed into a wild cross-batted slash while ducking away.  And as the ball passed the bat, there seemed to be a sound suggesting that it had taken an edge.

Amir and Sarfaraz behind the stumps also heard it and appealed – but umpire Marais Erasmus seemed unmoved. It was then that Virat Kohli – who had also felt or heard something – walked on his own accord.

The real gut shot wasn’t that a well set Kohli was dismissed before he could guide India to a mammoth total, however, but that snicko replays later on during the match showed that there was daylight between bat and ball.

Even as the replays showed that in the big screen at Old Trafford, a perplexed Virat Kohli was seen shaking his bat in the dressing room, trying to figure out if any looseness in the willow had led to a sound while ball passed bat.

Naturally, in a match so high-strung, the Twitteratti weren’t best pleased with the fact that their captain didn’t even bother calling for a review and walked, with the match poised at a crucial juncture.

Here are some of the reactions for you to scroll through: