India spinner Kuldeep Yadav clarifies comments on MS Dhoni after controversy erupts

India spinner Kuldeep Yadav has slammed media reports following a controversy erupting regarding his statements made on former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni. 

Yadav had been quoted as saying that – “There are a lot of times he (Dhoni) goes wrong but then you can’t say that to him,” regarding Dhoni’s tactics during games, raising concerns over the Ranchi man’s assessment of things on the pitch.

“Zyada baat nahi karte woh (he doesn’t speak much). He speaks only between overs if he thinks he needs to point out something,” he added.

But Yadav has now slammed the media for creating a controversy where he feels there is absolutely none at all.

“These are rumours which people love to spread and I have no idea why. I haven’t given any interview regarding this so I fail to understand as to how the media came up with these comments, ” Yadav told Indian Express.

“MS Dhoni is a senior player and there is no doubt that his tips have been invaluable not only for me but for the entire team. His presence behind the stumps makes our job easy and nobody can change that fact,” he went on.

He even took to Instagram to clear up the situation ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup tournament, slamming the media for the alleged interview.

“Here we go for another made up controversies by our media who loves to make tangy rumors for no reason. Just want to throw some light on the issue that has been proliferated by some people, that the news is totally false. I didn’t give any inappropriate statement about anyone. #Much respect Mahi bhai.”