Monday Night Winners and Losers – RAW 7/9/18


To borrow a quote from one of the greatest tag teams of all time; “In life, there are winners and there are losers.” This rings especially true to the WWE. And when you’re part of the company’s flagship brand, winning is an absolute must, no questions asked.  

In celebration of RAW’s return to Philippine TV, FOX Sports Philippines welcomes you to our new weekly series where we present you the winners and losers from each action-packed episode of RAW. With mere days away from Extreme Rules, who among the Red Brand got the upper hand and who ended up eating dust?

WINNER: Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley

These two hotheads opened this week’s show with a heated exchange before escalating to an all-out brawl. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ classic brawl from two blockbusters to kick off RAW? Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley did a great job giving their upcoming encounter a big fight feel. They definitely won this week as both men aspiring to become the next WWE Universal Champion will finally collide at Extreme Rules.  

LOSER: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens thought he had GM Kurt Angle’s number by trying to annoy him in his office. His plan backfired when Angle invited Braun Strowman in, the man who pushed him off the stage while stuck in a porta-potty, and booked the two in a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules. Owens should’ve learned his lesson by now — do not mess with Kurt freakin’ Angle. Can Owens survive another encounter with Mr. Monster in the Bank?

WINNER: Constable Corbin

After shaving his locks and changing his overall image altogether, Baron has found a new calling as Stephanie McMahon’s appointed Constable of Monday nights. Aside from gaining a bit of authoritative power, ‘Suit-and-Tie’ Corbin also managed to score a huge win for his team this week by planting Bobby Roode with End of Days, which only proves how going corporate was probably the best decision he’s ever made in WWE.       

LOSER: The Eaters of Worlds

They may be the scariest tag team on RAW right now, but Bray Wyatt and “Woken” Matt Hardy seem to have met their match in the B-Team. For the third consecutive week, Hardy ate another loss as Bo Dallas was able to outsmart the Woken One in singles action. A returning Wyatt eventually took Dallas and Curtis Axel out, but having three losses under their name doesn’t really bode well for the RAW Tag Team Champions.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley

After refusing to face No Way Jose for weeks, Mojo Rawley finally gave in to what Jose is asking for in a highly physical match that saw the former Hype Bro decimate the Dancing Superstar with a decisive Alabama Slam. Hopefully, the two can finally move on with their careers, because Mojo is definitely hungry for better competition.

LOSER: Alexa Bliss

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss needs a better strategy to ward off Nia Jax because as she found out this week, kendo sticks won’t work. After failing to overcome the team of Nia Jax and Natalya, Bliss resorted to dirty tactics as she hit Jax from behind, in which the former champion nonchalantly broke the weapon in half. Does this mean we’re going to see a Kendo Stick on a Pole match at Extreme Rules? Not a bad idea.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

Probably the biggest winner of this week is none other than Drew McIntyre for giving Seth Rollins a run for his money in the main event. McIntyre not only kept his role as Ziggler’s companion at Extreme Rules, he also proved to everyone that he can also hang with the likes of Rollins and Ziggler. The main event scene was meant for a guy like McIntyre and it’s only a matter of time before we see him raise a world title over his head.

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