DragonMania: Memorable Southeast Asian Wrestling Confrontations

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets Wrestle Square Champion, SPW’s The Eurasian Dragon to share memorable wrestling confrontations from around the Southeast Asian region.

In pro wrestling, emotions are always running high due to the sport’s combative nature.

Often, this leads to a win for fans all around, as wrestlers tend to lose their cool – often making for memorable bits of entertainment leading up to a payoff fight.

Coming from Southeast Asia, our wrestlers are not just vibrant cultural representatives, but many of the skilled competitors here possess tempers that are explosive as well!

Backstage Pass

December 2015 saw Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) run a charity special, Wrestle The Odds – where I challenged The Statement for the Southeast Asian Championship in the main event. This marked our first encounter- and back then, it was the most anticipated local match of its time.

Naturally, leading up to the big clash, tensions would be in overdrive – this is a scene in the locker room where I successfully intimidated The Statement by overwhelming him with my heroic nature and size advantage.

Dream Feud, Nightmare Start

Fast forward to 2018, and the big local dream match is transpiring at Manila Wrestling Federation’s Todos Los Wrestling on October 28.

The inaugural Filipino wrestling promotion, Philippines Wrestling Revolution (PWR) will send a team of their aces Jake de Leon, Chris Panzer and John Sebastian to take on upstart promotion Team MWF – featuring its biggest star Mr Lucha and two partners of his choosing.

For a match of such magnitude, it is of no surprise that the build-up to it contains some verbal jousting excellence. In my opinion, Jake de Leon and Mr Lucha has had the best in-ring argument in Southeast Asian history – combining real tensions and emotional gravitas all in one.

Office Complaint

On a lighter note, this is one of the more memorable (and relatable) situations in which wrestlers end up duelling for a national belt.

Sayn RH and Power Warrior making a shaky compromise is an accurate yet comical analogy of the daily sufferings faced by office workers wanting a raise/promotion.

Big Bad Alarm Bells

Mighty Mighty and I waited for SPW General Manager Carl Hella and Power Warrior to reply to my emails regarding a challenge to fight over the vacant Southeast Asian Tag Team Championships.

However, it took our own personal young boy, Big Bad Jack to man-up and confront us about the insanity of our ploy, which miraculously brought an immediate change of heart in us.

We then realised that scathing personal attacks on our rivals would probably be the fastest way to lure them into the fight of their lives!

Indian Summer

While India’s premier independent promotion Wrestle Square has their own set of local title belts, their Cruiserweight and Intercontinental titles have spent considerable time abroad.

As the current Wrestle Square Intercontinental Champion, it is an honour to share this historic confrontation between the former Champion Sayn RH and the current Cruiserweight Champion, Dennis The Ladykiller, the co-founder of Grapplemax Dojo.

Actually, it might be a bigger honour to share how dangerous the Spear Hand move is, courtesy of what happened to Sayn’s manservant Timmy at the end of the video!


Photo Credit: Cholo Gonzales