DragonMania: Triple Thrill… EXTRA!

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets Wrestle Square Champion, SPW’s The Eurasian Dragon to share five reasons why SPW decided to do a fourth Triple Thrill show.

Many wrestling fans across Southeast Asia were quite stunned to see my home promotion, Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) announce a fourth edition of our international run of shows – SPW Triple Thrill Extra: Unfinished Business.

While the show title might not make sense to everyone, it makes a lot of sense to me due to the following reasons…

Making Dreams Come True

Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

Many of the matches during the trilogy made the fans’ dreams come true.

To an extent, the same can be said about the wrestlers too, as some of them found themselves tussling against their heroes, while many featured against interesting internationals!

Location, location, location…

The view from the balcony seats. Video sourced from Mighty Mighty Instagram

Situated within the financial district of Singapore, The Pavilion is in an ideal location.

A comfortable open workspace during the day for hardworking citizens and slackers alike, SPW comes in to enact an exciting Jekyll-and-Hyde turn. If a single storey isn’t enough for the fans, they have the choice of two storeys of macho mayhem whenever we play the Pavilion!

Hollywood-styled Blockbuster 

Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

Star Wars, Friday the 13th, James Bond 007, National Lampoon… maybe this is our excuse to make a successful franchise that goes on endlessly?

I have already proposed that Triple Thrill X should be SPW vs WWE!


Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

Featuring live music and skewered rules, the Social Harmony bout during Triple Thrill’s pilot show between The Horrors (Doctor Gore and Da Butcherman), Korean Nu Style and Mighty Dragon (myself and Mighty Mighty) must’ve locked us in for the aforementioned ten sequels.

There was also a very controversial fight between Sayn RH and Singapore’s first female pro wrestler, Alexis Lee.

Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

Unfinished Business

However, the most logical reason would be due to popular demand.

Ever since the conclusion of the original trilogy, we at SPW have received numerous challenges from companies around the world; with all looking for brand supremacy at our expense.

While we have accepted Japanese veterans’ collective Lands End’s challenge for Triple Thrill Extra, the large subplot of the show is entitled Unfinished Business, and rightfully so.

After stripping me and Mighty Mighty of the Southeast Asian Tag Team Championships in Bangkok, we have issued a challenge to SPW General Manager Carl Hella and his handpicked favourite, the villainous Power Warrior, to meet us in the ring.