DragonMania: From Manila with love

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets Wrestle Square Champion, SPW’s The Eurasian Dragon to share what Manila means to him ahead of his epic clash against Mr Lucha at MWF 4: Road to Fate.

I fell in love with Manila when I first visited the Philippines in 2016. This weekend, I return to one of my favourite cities in the world to main-event Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) 4: Road to Fate, against iconic Filipino wrestling star Mr Lucha.

This week, let me share what I am eagerly awaiting the most in the Philippines’ capital city…

Mr Lucha Loco

Mr Lucha and The Eurasian Dragon at History Con 2016. Photo courtesy of MWF

Since our first match in the main event of 2016 History Con, Mr Lucha has grown as a person and wrestler – although in a manner that goes against my beliefs!

His chilling interview with MWF Senior Analyst (and star of the Filipino blockbuster Buybust) Tarek El Tayech was the first of its kind for MWF, delving into the rich backstory surrounding this upcoming show!

Sizzling Sisig

All that talk about pork (better known as baboy in Tagalog) in the above promo video makes me crave for Filipino cuisine.

A personal favourite each visit is sisig – which is a rice dish served with fried pork cheek shavings and innards. I have also grown very partial to lechon and the Jollibee franchise. #nicetomeatyou

What other recommendations should I try this time round?

Familiar Faces

Team Manila, consisting of Robin Sane and Jake de Leon facing SPW’s The Horrors. Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

The joy of regional wrestling includes seeing friends old and new alike with each passing territory I visit.

Remember the spectacular Team Manila from Singapore Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) Triple Thrill Series? Robin Sane will continue his quest for gold in the second round of MWF’s inaugural championship tournament against the zen master, Ninja Ryujin.

To up the ante, MWF has booked an appearance of Mr Philippine Wrestling himself, the incomparable Jake de Leon of Philippines Wrestling Revolution (PWR), to send a special message to the fans in attendance!

Filipino Culture

But what I really dig about MWF’s videos is the infusion of local culture: promotional material ranges from lighthearted slice-of-life references as seen here anchored by one of the most underrated villains in wrestling today, Fabio Masikig…

On top of that, MWF also takes its cue from 90s’ Filipino action movies and integrates it into their wrestling events to breath an electric, fresh air into the live entertainment experience.

For instance, just check out this action short film, staring machismo-master Gigz Stryker and the absolutely stunning Maria Ozawa, entitled Sagot Kita, which also served as MWF’s live show intro.

Thriller in Manila

When I first wrestled Mr Lucha, I was fresh off my first title loss, and carried a largely innocent approach to wrestling back in 2016.

Fast forward to 2018, and not only am I the leader of the most popular SPW group in history, the Mighty Dragon Universe, but I have become Southeast Asia’s most decorated in-ring wrestler alive today.

What makes this match the most anticipated main event in MWF history? My sublime tactical approach – as evidenced by the mind games cooked up by myself and my protege Big Bad Jack in my parody promo video of Mr Lucha and Tarek El Tayech.