Dragonmania: Southeast Asian Wrestling x MMA Dream Fights

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

With Brock Lesnar being called out by Daniel Cormier, regional wrestling champ The Eurasian Dragon reflects on what will be his dream wrestling-meets-MMA crossover fights. 

On Sunday afternoon, I watched WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar verbally agree to face new UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.

While I can understand why both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) loyalists may feel some discomfort about this, UFC President Dana White was all smiles during the confrontation. And why not? He can probably foresee the amount of money that such a high-profile bout will bring!

Likewise, I also understand the appeal of such cross-sporting contests. After all, sports and entertainment do go hand in hand – with both industries in the ‘ticket sales’ business.

Being a double champ like Cormier,  I have decided to share my own fantasy fight card which calls out the best of our Asian wrestlers against international fighting superstars for box office success.

Big Boys Fight

Mighty Mighty vs Butterbean

At Wrestlemania XV, American superheavyweight wrestler and MMA fighter Butterbean showcased his brute strength by knocking out Bart Gunn – the winner of the 1998 then-WWF pseudo-MMA tournament, Brawl for All – in just 34 seconds!

But if anybody is Butterbean’s match, it is my tag partner Mighty Mighty.

Although Butterbean is an impressive fighter, one  cannot discount the deceptive agility and intelligence that Mighty possesses. Plus, he has admitted to me that he has never lost a real fight in his life…

Boleh Bonus

Shaukat vs Peter Davis

Photo courtesy of Ayez Shaukat Fonseka Farid

After leaving London over a decade ago, Peter Davis returned to Malaysia and became a ONE Championship fighter. Davis was notable during his ONE run for being great with publicity. Fun fact, Davis is also an actor and model between fights.

Interestingly, one of Davis’ good friends (and my old Malaysian rival) Shaukat also has an entertainment and fighting background.

The former three-time Malaysia Pro Wrestling Champion has not just appeared in notable Malaysian films, but is also largely responsible for the fight choreography in his movies! Surely, an all-Malaysian battle between the two will capture the hearts of all across the Causeway.

Co-Main Event

Jane Foo vs Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a household name across Southeast Asia, and rightfully so.

The Vancouver-born, Hawaii-bred Women’s Atomweight Champion is explosive in the ONE Championship cage; resulting in the Singapore flag-bearer being an instant hit with locals. But can she handle all the trash talking by my life partner (and wrestler), Jane Foo?

Having come into her own with her scathing promo slamming rival Alexis Lee, the multi-hyphen Foo, who is also a national sprinter and yogi, must be relishing the opportunity to turn her hard-hitting verbal assault unto another member of the Lee clan. One thing is for sure, expect sarcasm!

Main Event

The Statement vs Conor McGregor

Photo courtesy of Shawn Danker

Regardless in any sports, having big marquee names really help turns things up to 11. And they don’t get any bigger than UFC’s first doubleweight champ Conor McGregor and the former Singapore Pro Wrestling Heavyweight champion The Statement!

With the duo going at it, the world will be treated to an epic clash of two highly skilled athletes loaded with bombastic personalities.

Fans and the press alike will have a field day at the ‘colourful’ interviews and press conferences, as the pair are likely to get up to some hilarious mischief leading up to the showdown.


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