Dragonmania: 5 Southeast Asian Malay wrestlers to look out for

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

In line with the Hari Raya festive period, FOX Sports Asia gets SPW’s Southeast Asian Tag Team Champions, The Eurasian Dragon to select his five Malay wrestlers to watch!

Growing up in multicultural Singapore, it is a privilege to be raised in a melting pot of cultures.

The wrestling scene here and around the region is no different with wrestlers hailing from varying backgrounds.

In the festive spirit of the Hari Raya season, I shine a spotlight on five Muslim-born and bred wrestlers who have made their mark in the Southeast Asian wrestling scene.

The Bad Guy
‘Abang Wrestling’ Sayn RH
Former WrestleSquare India Intercontinental Champion

What are heroes without villains? Straight out of the Mighty Dragon’s Rogues Gallery, Sayn RH is one of the most memorable wrestling baddies in Southeast Asian history.

Sayn, armed with his trusty bike chain, has played vital roles in significant title changes. ‘Abang Wrestling’ has knocked out multiple luminaries,  including himself by accident on a couple of occasions.

When he isn’t threatening opponents in the ring, the Chained Effect of Sayn can be experienced online. Sayn’s humorous video series Easy Way Out and talk show Sayn Sit Down do well on YouTube and Facebook respectively; supplementing the main storylines of the regional wrestling scene.

The Turncoat
Luqman Adam
A SPW original wrestler

Debuting as ‘The Evil’ Luqman Adam, this man was my first in-ring opponent way back in October 2012. As the years passed, Luqman revealed to fans that he wasn’t always evil, but was instead a free spirit deep inside.

As such, Luqman gave up his villainous ways, aggressively turning to the good side by reappearing as the ‘Free Spirit’ Luqman Adam after a short hiatus.

The Universe rewarded his approach, with Luqman wrestling for the India Tag Team Championships against Mr. Zorro and Pranjay Singh in front of a sold-out crowd at WrestleSquare’s Indore show.

Back in Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW), Luqman has been a contender in the Singapore Championship division currently held by Aiden Rex.

The Prince
The Butcherman
First Singaporean to wrestle on LIVE television

The best competitors in the pro-wrestling industry possess a number of traits!

One needs to be able to talk and wrestle well, have a good look and possess a gripping character. What happens when someone has them all down, and is only just getting started?

As part of The Horrors alongside Doctor Gore, the Butcherman has electrified audiences in Singapore with his cleaver-swinging entrance and a scintillating throwback move set.

But behind the scenes, fans may not be privy as to how the Butcherman became perhaps my best protégé to date.

Following our SPW’s Unchained in Changi encounter last year, the Butcherman approached me backstage asking to learn directly from myself and Mighty Mighty. Dispensing advice proved to be great fun, especially when the student is like a sponge and absorbing all that is taught.

Our friendship culminated in us both making history by becoming the first two Singaporean wrestlers to wrestle a live televised match – which was against each other in Nepal’s Ring Wrestling’s debut broadcast late last year. Even though I won our first encounter, I firmly believe that the Butcherman is one of the finest rising stars in the industry and a future champion!

The Young Blood
Emman “The Kid” Noorazman
Former Malaysia Pro Wrestling Wrestlecon Champion

Emman Noorazman truly lived up to the tag of ‘Young Blood’ when I first met him.

Instead of doing what other normal teenage boys do, Emman decided to learn how to wrestle – which introduced a wave of excitement in The Kid’s young life. Blessed with one of the best natural abilities I have ever seen, Emman has grown from strength to strength through the years, and he isn’t even 20 years old yet!

With lightning-quick pace and remarkable technical abilities, Emman is drawing the eyes of the world upon him. Whether he is doing a David vs Goliath styled championship match with Furious Faizal in Malaysia Pro Wrestling, or setting Singapore ablaze against Alex Cuevas in GrappleMax Dojo, the Kid is going places the only way he knows how – FAST!

The Genius
Mighty Mighty
Current SPW Southeast Asian Tag Team Champion (Second reign)

When I was approached to enter the Southeast Asian tag team division, I was extremely glad that my tag partner was going to be Mighty Mighty. As a former tag champion alongside Black Arrow, Mighty knows how to do tag team wrestling right, and what a learning experience it has been for me!

Recognised as a wrestling genius in the regional scene, Mighty taught me an efficient style of tag wrestling, as well as heap providing heaps of in-ring psychology that even regular competitors may miss out on.

Did I mention that he is well over 160kg, yet moves better than a man half his size? That makes Mighty one of the most dangerous wrestlers out there and is already considered a living legend by SPW fans and competitors alike.


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