Dragonmania: Singapore and Philippines’ queen of the ring do battle

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets one-half of the SPW Southeast Asian Tag Team Champions, The Eurasian Dragon to shine the spotlight on the women’s championship in our region.

As a huge fan of women’s wrestling, I am eagerly awaiting the month of June when two of my good female wrestling friends put camaraderie aside in an attempt to win a chance to challenge for the championship gold!

On June 22, Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) will present its final chapter of their Triple Thrill Series: SPW vs WORLD. Singapore’s Alexis Lee takes on real-life close friend, Manila local Crystal in a battle of #BFF to see who gets a chance to fulfill their dream of becoming the Queen of Asia in SPW.

SPW’s current Queen of Asia Champion, Russia’s Kasey will be watching intently. Here’s why you should too…

Contender 1: Alexis Lee

Photo courtesy of Duffy Li

The darling of Singapore wrestling; Alexis Lee has grown to become synonymous with women’s wrestling in the little red dot.

As Singapore’s first female wrestler, Lee has gone on to break new ground and will be the undisputed fan favourite during her June match. Lee has already tasted title success, winning (and losing) the All Action Wrestling (Perth, Australia) Women’s Championship in 2017.

Most recently, she bested the sinister Sayn RH in a controversial inter-gender match at Triple Thrill 2 in order to move up the title ladder!

Key quote: “Queen of Asia is a title that belongs to me. It is more than just a championship, it is destiny unfulfilled.”

Contender 2: Crystal

Photo courtesy of TCHuang Productions

As a big fan of alternative movements, young Vernice Gabriel is no stranger to fighting against the odds.

Upon christening herself as Crystal, she became a symbol of hope to Filipino fans hoping for the women’s revival to sweep them by. She and Alexis have faced off here twice in Singapore, both times for the Queen of Asia title as well, though in multi-women battles. Crystal is hoping for the third time to be the charm, and if she can bests her friendly opponent, she will have a clear path to the champ Kasey.

And alongside real-life boyfriend John Sebastian, Crystal has already tasted championship gold – the pair having established themselves as the Philippines Wrestling Revolution (PWR) tag team champs!

Key quote: “The Queen of Asia Championship needs to come home to Southeast Asia. It is the title that can inspire women to find strength.”

THE Champion: ‘Queen of Scream’ Kasey

Photo courtesy of Maxim Varbulainen

Before becoming the Queen of Asia, Kasey was already the Queen of Scream. And that is exactly how the Moscow native debuted here last year, at SPW Reload.

With the inaugural Queen of Asia title meant to be decided between six of Asia’s best up-and-coming female talent, Kasey sauntered into the ring as Alexis and Crystal were pretty beat-up mid match. She then literally screamed like a banshee at both girls, and then ran away with the title belt as the two Southeast Asians watched in horror.

The next event, Kasey was inserted into the Queen of Asia rematch, this time alongside June’s upcoming contenders. Kasey won the title yet again with her impressive wrestling manoeuvre and scream, breaking the hearts and eardrums of Alexis and Crystal.

Key quote: “I guess it is funny… it will be a cute and fair fight between two little Asians. It doesn’t matter- I beat them both before and can beat them again. I am the Queen of Asia.”

SPW Wrestle the Odds 3: Inaugural Queen of Asia Championship (2017)
Kasey (IWF Russia) v Alexis Lee (SPW) v Crystal (PWR)

Wildcard: Sayn RH

Men still make up the majority of the wrestling rosters throughout Southeast Asia.

However, in all the regional leagues, nobody is more sinister than the troublemaker Sayn RH. The current Wrestle Square India Intercontinental Champion is a brilliant strategist and specialise in wrestling talent acquisitions, while also having his own YouTube show, Easy Way Out.

After leading SPW’s AMK to the Southeast Asian Tag Team titles last year (it’s ok, me and #BFF Mighty Mighty have defeated them since), Sayn turned his attention to Alexis, harassing her to join him – so that together, they can rule Asian women’s wrestling.

Alexis has managed to turn away the temptation so far, but last event saw both her and Sayn coming to blows in a Russian Street Fight!

Key quote: “Alexis has all the right tools but not the right guidance; with a heavy heart, I am appealing to SPW to skip this match altogether and award Crystal the win to avoid time wasting.”

Parting shot

As an all-round good guy and spectacular professional wrestler, I always wish for fights to be clean and fair for all competitors.

Likewise, my sentiments for the girls’ high stakes bout in June. I can only wish that Sayn stays out of the fray so that the spirit of competition is preserved. May the best lady win!