Top 5 Tag Matches: The Hart Foundation and Broken Hardys

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The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets one-half of the SPW Southeast Asian Tag Team Champions, The Eurasian Dragon to share his five favourite tag matches of all time.

As the Southeast Asian Tag Team Champion, it is normal to spend a majority of my downtime researching the art of tag team wrestling.

With the weekend around the corner, let me fill up your viewing schedule with my top five tag team matches of all time!!!

WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede (1997)
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldust, Ken Shamrock and The Legion of Doom vs The Hart Foundation

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In 1997, both Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin tried their best to hurt one another. In this instance, Hart portrayed a hated veteran and Steve Austin was the popular antihero.

Their wrestling battles did not just always involved the two iconic leaders, but eventually included some of the greatest wrestlers of all time- or in the Hitman’s case, his entire family!

With this match took place in Canada, that meant that local sons Bret and his Hart Foundation could do no wrong. The sold-out venue emphatically cheering them on despite the fact that they were villains taking on five all-time greats.

The result… an excitingly paced brawl amidst a special patriotic atmosphere makes this one of the most satisfying tag matches of all time.

New Japan Pro Wrestling: Strong Style Evolved (2018)
Golden Lovers vs The Young Bucks

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As the main event of the anticipated NJPW show in California, it brought together the long-simmering melodramatic stories of all four wrestling superstars.

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, better known collectively as the Golden Lovers, were reunited here after a complicated friendship over the past decade.

And complicated friendships were the reasons for this masterful bout!

The Young BucksMatt Jackson, who was still reeling from his splintered relationship with Bullet Club mate Omega, gave an emotional display while brother Nick tried to remain civil and competitive.

With NJPW’s continuous efforts to expand into Western markets, this instant classic certainly did its job, and then some.

WWF Wrestlemania 17: Tables, Ladders and Chairs Tag Team Championship match (2001)
The Hardys vs Edge and Christian vs Dudley Boys

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A rematch from their first Wrestlemania classic a year prior, this is one of those sequels that outshines its predecessor. Each of the three teams arrived representing one of the weapon choices available in this gut-busting match.

Except this time, they didn’t come alone – with Lita, Spike Dudley and Rhyno getting into the mix as well.

The addition of these three interfering wrestlers led to further unpredictability. All this just piled on to the pandemonium in the ring as this violent contest raged on to its crazy ending!

Impact Wrestling: Bound For Glory (2016)
Broken Hardys vs The Decay (The Great War)

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Following the crazy brilliant story arc of ‘The Final Deletion’ and its sequel, ‘Delete or Decay’, this was the third part of the madness behind the Broken Hardys’ reality.

Taking place at the biggest PPV card of the year, the Broken Hardy Boys turned it up to eleven in a contest that screamed blockbuster. Both teams begun innocently in the ring, only for the action to spill towards a strange yet action-packed backstage brawl.

During this brawl, Jeff Hardy found the time to introduce his alternate characters while brother Matt and Abyss fought atop a speeding truck around Universal Studios Orlando.

In classic Hardy fashion though, they brought their horror-inspired foes back to the ring, finishing them off with the tables and ladders.

SPW Triple Thrill 2: Russia vs Singapore (2018)
Mighty Dragon vs Russian Kyberpunks (Southeast Asian Tag Team Championship)

The SPW Southeast Asian solo championships were already procured by the Russian contingent heading into this event.

So there was no way my tag partner Mighty Mighty and I could let the titles slip away as well.

However, these weren’t the Russians you would regularly expect.

Being tech-influenced punks, Vertigo and Punkoff did not arrive without strange habits. Mid-match, Punkoff called for a time out – where he tried to showcase his interpretation of drunken kung fu.

Definitely a memorable day at the Mighty Dragon office for sure with this bout!