Top 5 Tag Teams: Hardy Boys, Team Hell No and New Age Outlaws

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets one-half of the SPW Southeast Asian Tag Team Champions, The Eurasian Dragon to share the five tag teams that inspired him.

As the Southeast Asian Tag Team Champion, it is a privilege to represent my region with each title defence.

Like most spectacular pro wrestlers, I honour my past while building the future. Therefore, let me share with you my five favourite wrestling tag teams that I have drawn much inspiration and entertainment from.

First heroes

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Growing up in the 90s’, everybody around me loved the New Age Outlaws – their cheeky introductory chant was recited faithfully by audiences every week.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn made it downright cool to be the champions of the world, and their charisma game was so strong that they consistently enjoyed huge merchandise sales in the then-WWF.

In 2014, the Outlaws rode off into the sunset with a successful WWE comeback/retirement tour culminating in a shockingly quick loss to future main event champions The Shield at WWE Wrestlemania 30.

When two doesn’t become one…

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Not all tag teams need to get along. Some tag teams even look like they will never be friends if it isn’t for wrestling!

Such was the case for industry icons Daniel Bryan and Kane from 2012 to 2013.

Both former world champions could not see eye to eye during their run as Team Hell No. It is understandable because one man is a comically aggressive technical wizard, while the other is straight-laced demon from hell.

The bickering duo were made to attend Anger Management therapy together, and shortly after, they actually managed to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The modern day legends

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The Hardy Boys have been vital players in the industry for two decades now.

Interestingly, their wacky claims to immortality may not be unfounded. After all, Matt and real-life brother Jeff Hardy have reinvented themselves constantly in their careers; always staying ahead of the curve.

From upstart flyers to exciting pioneers of the multi-team ladder match, my personal favourite version of the Hardys is their Broken/Woken reincarnation.

Featuring a stellar supporting cast including his Matt’s wife, kid sons, groundskeeper, a flying drone and mystical boat, anything the Broken Hardys do just seems to turn to wrestling gold.

The Young Bucks… Literally

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Arguably the greatest tag team to have never wrestle for the WWE, Matt and Nick Jackson have carved unprecedented successes on the international wrestling scene.

By trailblazing a style that marries nostalgic throwbacks with pace and innovation, the Young Bucks are brilliant storytellers who thrive on versatility. They can be found turning up the wrestling melodrama against the Golden Lovers in New Japan Pro Wrestling, or featuring in absurdly constructed spectacles in Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

This ability to adapt for diverse fans at different wrestling events is the main reason for the Young Bucks’ popularity and marketability – netting the brothers massive merchandise sales and long meet-and-greet lines!

Homegrown Heroics

On the home front, I thoroughly enjoyed each time Mighty Arrow walked through the curtain; whether it was in their own tag matches or alongside myself and the Aerial Sniper Nyc as part of Team Singapore.

Originally thrown together to participate in the 2014 Singapore Night Festival, Mighty Mighty and Black Arrow were so ridiculously popular together.

The pair, who possessed a nascent chemistry between them, played an integral role in establishing the regional tag team division alongside class Asian opponents like Onslaught, Street Revolution, The Man Bros, Bad Company and the Greatest Singapore Team!


I strongly believe that deep down inside, everybody loves tag team wrestling.

Tag matches often offer added elements of drama and creativity which results in an increased emotional response from the audience as compared to regular bouts.

Moreover, tag teams come in all shapes and forms – ranging from well-oiled tandems to odd couples. This generally makes tag bouts among the highlights of the night during wrestling events!

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