Dragonmania: The role of the low blow in Singapore wrestling

Kenneth "The Eurasian Dragon" Thexeira Kenneth "The Eurasian Dragon" Thexeira

FOX Sports Asia gets one-half of the Southeast Asia Tag Team champions, The Eurasian Dragon to share the importance of the low blow move in both the WWE and in Singapore wrestling.

There are some occasions in life where physical pain is inevitable. One prime example is getting sucker punched… in the groin!

Coming from the professional wrestling industry, one of the most dangerous moves of all time is the devastating (and mostly illegal) Low Blow.

On Monday, I caught the WWE pay-per-view Backlash where audiences witnessed WWE World Champion AJ Styles and challenger Shinsuke Nakamura clobber each other’s nether region in a no-disqualification rules bout.

The contest resulted in a double count-out draw for both wrestlers as they looked well-walloped to the point that they were still clutching their family jewels during their post-match interviews.

Why the focus on this nefarious move?

Wrestlemania is the World Cup Finals of wrestling, and this year’s edition was headlined by Nakamura’s first shot at Style’s title.

Long story short, our Asian homeboy lost the big bout at wrestling’s grandest stage, and then turned villain by clubbing the nuts out of the victorious defending champion- in front of millions of viewers around the world.

Since then, low blows have been Nakamura’s preferred move of choice.

But has this vicious groin attack procured the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion his elusive WWE World title win?

Not yet, and AJ Styles is very upset because this move is evidently extremely painful.

Gender Equality

Low blows do not discriminate, and Nakamura is not the first to resort to this desperate move.

In the video below, you can check out a testament to the low blow’s ability to change bouts.

It is apparent that these below-the-belt attacks hurt when delivered by just about anyone.

The late Joanie Laurer, better known to fans as Chyna, made a career out of punching men below the belt.

As the first woman to wrestle in the men’s Royal Rumble, Chyna, who was also the ONLY woman WWE Intercontinental Champion, stood up to men in intergender situations by… chopping them down to size.

Unfortunately for the Ninth Wonder of the World, her feared groin-directed forearm failed her when it mattered most.

In 1999, the trail blazing Chyna became the first and only woman to wrestle in the King of the Ring tournament – making it to the quarter-finals against then-former friend, Road Dogg Jesse James.

The Dogg showcased great awareness by coming prepared with a groin guard! Needless to say, Chyna’s run in with a protected private made her lose the match and eliminated her from the tournament.

Photo sourced from YouTube

Southeast Asian Sensations…of Pain!

The reason why I feel so impassioned about case studying this illegal manoeuvre is due to the fact that I have been on the receiving end of it one too many times.

The worst of which was probably during my 2015 match with then-Southeast Asian Heavyweight Champion, The Statement in the main event of Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW)’s Wrestle The Odds show. Shortly after experiencing the nutcracker, I succumbed to a pinfall loss.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Byron Danker and James Wong

Two years later, The Statement and I found ourselves on opposite sides at yet another Wrestle The Odds main event. This time, he partnered Destroyer Dharma, and they took on both myself and my current tag team partner Mighty Mighty.

Unfortunately for my oversized #BFF, he got caught on the second rope with an unfortunate but very precise muscled arm to the groin. Shortly after, we lost.

Photo courtesy of Najwan Noor

Karma has since wreaked havoc on The Statement as he passed out from a submission in his Southeast Asian title match at last weekend’s SPW Triple Thrill: Russia v Singapore show.

As a result, the SPW resident nutcracker lost his attempt to regain the belt from current champion Lokomotiv via referee stoppage.

Thus, I leave you with this parting advice: it is not nice to punch another man’s gonads, for karma will strike you. Especially if you are aiming to win a top championship of some sort.