5 UFC top 10 heavyweights that Brock Lesnar can still beat up

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

The heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is certainly full of absolute killers, but in comparison to years gone by, it’s not quite as ‘stacked’ as it once was. That isn’t to say the ranked stars aren’t all elite athletes because they are, but they’re still a couple steps away from reaching the very top.

While this piece is bound to cause some controversy based on the subject matter alone, we still firmly believe that these top 10 stars are all capable of being defeated by one man: Brock Lesnar.

The Beast Incarnate, as he’s known in the WWE, is supposedly gearing up for one more run at the top of the promotion’s heavyweight division. While he may be going literally to the very top in the form of a title match with Daniel Cormier, that doesn’t mean we can’t still ponder over some slightly more reasonable match-ups.

Justin Willis

Via: UFC

Justin Willis has had a fairly solid run throughout his time in the UFC up to this point, with his win over Mark Hunt confirming what we all knew – he belongs in the top 10. Alas, it feels like Brock’s size and power would just be too much for him, especially given that he could also implement his wrestling game with relative ease.

Aleksei Oleinik

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If you don’t get caught in a position where Oleinik could slither in and get the sub, then you should be just fine. That’s the moral of the story for Brock Lesnar and given that we’ve all seen what his frightening power can do, we aren’t convinced that he’ll have too many problems getting the win here. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but he’s got all of the required tools.

Marcin Tybura

Via: Sherdog.com

Marcin Tybura is a good heavyweight, but he isn’t a great heavyweight. He’s been caught out too many times before and if he was picked up and placed in this division ten years ago, he wouldn’t come anywhere close to competing with the top names – in our book, anyway. Lesnar feels like a superior athlete in every conceivable way, and that’s the harsh truth of the matter.

Alexander Volkov

Via: Sherdog.com

Alexander Volkov is big and he’s awkward, but there’s just something about his game that leads us to believe he’d struggle against Brock. We don’t know how or even if he’s going to be able to bounce back from his loss against Derrick Lewis, especially given the manner in which it happened. If Lesnar can keep pushing forward, he should be able to edge him out.

Derrick Lewis

Via: Bloody Elbow

The Black Beast vs The Beast Incarnate. We can’t quite put into words how fun this fight would be and despite Derrick’s phenomenal run towards a title shot, we still believe that Lesnar has a chance here. Brock has great wrestling which is an area Lewis has struggled in big time, especially against Cormier. It’ll be close, but we’re giving the nod to the Universal Champion.

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