5 examples that prove Jon Jones isn’t invincible

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You can say what you want about Jon Jones and the majority of us have in the past, but when it comes to his body of work inside the Octagon, there are few fighters that have been able to make the collective jaws of the mixed martial arts community drop like Bones. With that being said, over the years we’ve seen proof that while many believe he’s invincible, he certainly has his flaws.

The sport has been buzzing ever since it was announced that Jon will be making yet another comeback on December 29th at UFC 232 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now we could argue about the validity of the sentence that he received from USADA until we’re blue in the face, but hardcore fans are going to cheer for this guy one way or the other – and the majority of people are starting to accept that.

Some of those are personal and others professional, but either way, it feels like there’s a lot to discuss as we gear up for his return to competitive fighting at the end of the year.

The Failed Tests

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Bringing this up will come across like we’re beating a dead horse, but regardless of whether or not his two failed tests were due to tainted supplements, it’s fair to say that Jon has a long road ahead if he wants to erase those memories in the eyes of the fans.

UFC 197

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When Jones returned to face Ovince Saint-Preux at UFC 197 it was obvious that he wasn’t quite himself, and on another day or against another opponent, there’s a good chance he could’ve experienced his first professional loss in MMA.

The DQ Loss

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99.9% of media members will tell you that Jon Jones’ disqualification loss against Matt Hamill was utterly ridiculous, and there are a hundred ways in which that’s a believable argument. Alas, the 12-6 elbows rule is there for everyone to see, and everyone is capable of making mistakes in this game.

Belfort’s Close Call

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As if there wasn’t enough pressure on the shoulders of Jon Jones already at UFC 152, courtesy of UFC 151 being cancelled, things went to a whole new level when Vitor Belfort trapped him in an armbar and was seconds away from breaking his arm. It could’ve been a severely damaging moment for his career, and as we all know, anything can happen in MMA.

The Gustafsson War

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Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson is one of the greatest fights in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, if notĀ theĀ standalone greatest. Those two went out there and put on an absolute clinic for five rounds, and in the end, it was Jon who just about managed to edge out the victory on the scorecards – but there’s still some lingering doubt about that outcome even to this day. A lot of folks believe the Swede should’ve been given the win in that one, and we can’t wait to see them run it back.