5 cities we want to see UFC visit in 2019

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is by far the biggest promotion in the world of mixed martial arts, and their global reach is a shining example of that. They’re constantly taking steps to try and enter every single corner of available markets, and as we look ahead to 2019, it’s interesting to think about where else they could go.

The following list throws together a combination of cities they’ve already been to and cities they’re still invested in visiting, but either way, all five would serve as great locations for a UFC event. If nothing else the promotion needs to make up the numbers one way or another given the sheer volume of cards that are set to take place next year, so these options should all be viewed as viable.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The above promo is an example of why events in Copenhagen can work, with Cage Warriors having a strong presence over in Denmark. The Danish MMA scene is really thriving right now and it’s clear to see that the UFC have recognised that, because they’ve been scheduled to visit Copenhagen in the last two years before changing the city. Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

Honolulu, United States

The fact that Bellator are set to beat the UFC to the punch in Hawaii must hurt, but the company knows that they’re more than capable of putting on a landmark event over there. Holloway, Penn and Tavares alone would likely be enough to sell out Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, and if they don’t do it now when Max is at the top of his game and BJ is still around, when will they?

Dublin, Ireland

This one is pretty self-explanatory, especially given the fact that Conor McGregor himself stated that he wants one more knock in Dublin before he calls it a day on his career. Who knows, perhaps his next fight at the start of 2019 could be in a Dublin stadium as he attempts to build himself back up to another Lightweight Championship fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Philadelphia, United States

Philadelphia is a city of fighters and that’s the only way to really put it. While it may be more associated with boxing the UFC needs to put more of a stamp there, if only to see what a tremendous atmosphere there would be. If they could lure Eddie Alvarez back to the promotion after one or two fights in ONE, he could join Paul Felder as the stars of the show.

Cape Town, South Africa

As the UFC continues to bring in more and more African fighters, and promotions like EFC are thriving, now seems like the perfect time to pull the trigger on a major African MMA event. Cape Town would be a fantastic city to host the show in, and while certain security measures would need to be put in place, it’d be no different from heading to somewhere like Russia or Brazil.