White blames himself for scuffle

UFC President Dana White says he should have done more to prevent it after Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey nearly came to blows on Friday.

The incident happened at the weigh-in ahead of their women's Bantamweight title showdown, but White insists it was not planned ahead of time.

"Well I can tell you this, that never happens. We never tell people to go do anything," he told Submission Radio. "If you look at the falling outs I've had with fighters over the years, don't you think that fighters would come out and say ‘they told us to go do this, and they tell us to go do that'? We don't tell the fighters to do anything. There's no push to sell tickets.

"Two women are selling over 50,000 tickets here, and this things trending as one of the biggest pay-per-views we've ever done, let alone this year.

"Ronda went after her and it seemed like they were jockeying for position, either on the outside or whatever and then Holly's hand was here [raises hand at shoulder height] and then just, Holly just hit her. And then it was on.

"But there's no – it's my job to make sure that that doesn't happen and that they don't put their hands on each other, and apparently I didn't do my job today."

Despite expressing his regrets, there's no doubt the fracas has only added to the hype ahead of the fight.