UFC: Dustin Poirier feels Nate Diaz doesn’t want fight

Before the current UFC 230 main event featured Daniel Cormier going up against Derrick Lewis, many were excited for the potential main card clash between Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier and Nate Diaz. Unfortunately, Poirier suffered an injury that resulted in the card being pulled, but “The Diamond” seemed to unravel new information on the potential fight between the two.

Speaking in an interview, Poirier revealed that there were many instances that stalled the talks between the two fighters, resulting in him thinking that Diaz was not 100 per cent committed to making the match-up happen.

Initially, Poirier claimed that his nagging hip injury forced him to pull out of the match-up against Diaz. In a fight that was tipped to be the main event of the New York card, everyone was disappointed with the fact that Poirier was unable to perform.

However, new information claimed that Diaz didn’t appear to agreeable to the main event status, instead pushing for a new weight class for him and Poirier to meet.

And with the fight ultimately being cancelled, Poirier believes that no matter how much he wants the fight to be rescheduled he doesn’t feel the feeling is mutual from the other corner.

Once Poirier gets healthy, it remains to be seen if Diaz is still going to be on the table for him, if not, there are more options for “The Diamond” to take.