50 Cent mocks Ali Abdelaziz, Khabib comes to manager’s aid

Just as quickly as talks linking UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov for a move to Bellator emerged, recent updates now seem to put an end to the speculation.

Recently, it was reported that artist and businessman 50 Cent sent an informal invitation for the native of Dagestan to join UFC’s rival organisation, Bellator for a move worth $2 million.

Surprisingly, Nurmagomedov replied rather positively, sparking talks that he could be making his way out of the UFC after a fall-out with the company’s management.

However, reports revealed that Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz saw the rapper’s $2-million offer as too low for such a high-profile fighter. He went on to claim that Nurmagomedov was worth no less than $50 million.

Courtesy of Instagram.

50 Cent quickly retaliated, resorting to Instagram to air his grievances on Nurmagomedov’s manager. He posted (and eventually deleted) a photo of Abdelaziz, with a caption that says, “Another case of bad representation, this fool in a cheap suit talking big money. LOL get the strap.”

He went on to roast the manager about the suit he had on in the photo. Unfortunately, Nurmagomedov was lurking in the shadows and replied, saying: “Never talk bad about my brother.”

With that, add the fact that Bellator president Scott Coker downplayed the rumours surrounding Nurmagomedov’s possible move to his company, it seems Khabib’s future is still up in the air.