Five times Conor McGregor lost the respect of the fans

McGregor Conor
Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

The dust has settled on UFC 229, and it’s back to the drawing board for Conor McGregor who was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov in his attempt to win back the UFC Lightweight Championship. Alas, the Irishman still has plenty of reasons to be happy, from his purse being paid out to the rise of his Proper Twelve whiskey brand.

It’s an interesting time to be McGregor, but unsurprisingly, there are many fans who have jumped off of his hype train in the last few years courtesy of his many indiscretions. Some have certainly been bigger than others, but for the most part, Conor certainly knows how to land himself in hot water – even if he didn’t intend on doing so.

We take a look at five such incidents when The Notorious One literally lived up to his nickname.


You could certainly argue that this was McGregor’s lowest moment, or at the very least, his lowest moment outside of the Octagon. Courtesy of an incident involving Khabib and Artem Lobov, Conor felt like it was necessary to go after the Russian by throwing a dolly through a bus window just days before Nurmagomedov was set to fight for the Lightweight Championship.


It’s one thing to jump into the cage when it isn’t sanctioned, but it’s another to push a licensed referee like Marc Goddard when he’s just trying to do his job. Conor may have been overjoyed with Charlie Ward’s win but that’s no excuse for his actions in the immediate aftermath, with this stunt leaving yet another black eye on the face of McGregor’s public image.


The nature of this incident depends entirely on your own perspective of things, with some fans feeling as if it was an intentional slur whereas others believe it was just a slip of the tongue. Either way, it was yet more evidence that Conor had been slipping into a very reckless state of mind, as he wasn’t able to control himself from uttering a word that he knew some would find offensive.


Khabib started the brawl in the wake of the UFC 229 main event and there’s simply no denying that. He was the reason it all kicked off and nobody else, although some fans have pointed out that the eventual shots McGregor took from Khabib’s teammates may have been initiated by the Irishman himself. That’s certainly up for debate, but people continue to dwell on it.


As much as many fans enjoyed watching Conor’s antics during the first UFC 229 press conference, a lot of people felt as if he went too far. While many of the allegations he threw in the direction of Khabib could well be true, it was more about his demeanour throughout the course of the event – with his alcoholic offering to The Eagle being an example of that.