The tainted supplement that is Jon Jones’ return

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

Throughout every single sport on the face of the planet, there are controversial figures that will forever cast a shadow of doubt in your mind regarding their legitimacy. Whether it be courtesy of their lies or actions outside the realms of the sport itself, you just never know what to believe – and when it comes to mixed martial arts, the general consensus is that Jon Jones holds that title.

Of course, as we all know, he’s held a multitude of other titles too. In addition to being a two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, he also holds the distinction of being the youngest champion in UFC history. That doesn’t happen unless you’re a seriously talented mixed martial artist, and no matter what you think of the guy, there’s no doubting his ability inside the Octagon.

Unfortunately for Jon and his legions of fans, that’s not the point. In fact, that’s never been the point.

Jon Jones is set to return to action at UFC 232, where he will attempt to reclaim the Light Heavyweight Championship against one of his greatest foes, Alexander Gustafsson. The two men fought back in 2013, in what many still consider to be one of the best fights of all time. But, despite that, we can’t bring ourselves to get all too excited over it. Some of you may choose to believe that we’re lying about that, and in truth, we can understand the logic. Alas, in our own mind, Jones has burned the MMA community one too many times for this to be considered a good thing.

We’re talking about a guy who is only really just starting to show the world his true personality, and that comes after more than a decade in the spotlight. Jones was a master of manipulation throughout the first portion of his career, convincing fans that he was some kind of golden boy – when in reality, we know he was anything but.

It feels like the worst part of this entire saga, beyond anything else, is how Jones doesn’t seem to feel any kind of remorse for his actions. Sure, he apologised after the hit and run and sure, he tried to mend fences after his first positive test, but the fact that he then proceeded to fail another test just showcases how reckless this man is. Yes, perhaps it was a tainted supplement yet again, but the blame still lies at the feet of Bones. You can say that he’s unstable and you can say that he’s a genius all you want, but at his core, Jon Jones is a liar who has every gift a man could ever hope for – and yet, he chooses all of the wrong paths.

Some members of the MMA media have decided to laugh off those of us who are claiming that we legitimately don’t want to see Jones fight in the UFC again. We can understand that because the man can do some phenomenal things inside of a cage, but as it turns out, some of us are able to differentiate between the ‘fan’ side of the coin and the logistical side. In the long run this is a bad look for the UFC, and before people cry out that there are a million other ‘bad looks’ for the promotion that have presented themselves over the last few years, we know that. We’re just choosing to focus on the man who always seems to get off scot-free.

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 is going to be a great fight, but the negatives far outweigh the positives and it’s sad that we, as a fanbase, aren’t choosing to recognise that.