UFC 229: Fans claim new camera angle shows Conor Mcgregor threw the ‘first punch’

McGregor Khabib

UFC president Dana White said Khabib Nurmagomedov will not be given his prize money for what happened after the fight. However, a new camera angle shows that Conor McGregor might have been the one who started the brawl.

The build-up to UFC 229 was remarkable. The two mixed martial artists at the opposite ends weaved a storyline to entice even the non-UFC fans. And perhaps unsurprisingly, it got extremely personal.

The ‘Notorious One’ and his entourage attacked Nurmagomedov on both a physical and a mental front. McGregor’s verbal attacks towards his opponent focused on his father, religion, and country while he and his entourage attacked Nurmagomedov’s bus during UFC 223, almost six months ago.

As a result, fans were expecting one great fight between the two. And they weren’t disappointed.

In the end, however, Khabib Nurmagomedov reigned supreme after four rounds,  almost choking the life out of his opponent. The Russian was celebrating his victory, while the Irishman lay on the ground, and that’s when things turned ugly.

In a fit of rage, the undefeated champion jumped the cage to attack McGregor’s entourage in the crowd and a big brawl ensued. Both the fighters and their support staff ultimately converged in the octagon, where one of Nurmagomedov’s crew-mates attacked McGregor from behind.

McGregor fans were quick to point out this incident, along with the Russian jumping in the crowd, as unethical and called for action to be taken. However, rivals fans drew up the argument that the champion’s behaviour was due to the Irishman’s relentless taunts pre-fight; a fact confirmed by Nurmagomedov in his post-bout press conference.

However, since then, some new footage has surfaced indicating a different angle to what we have seen so far. This footage was captured by a fan sitting in the stands and posted on Twitter by one Ram Gilboa (@RamGilboa).

The video in question covers the proceedings right from the moment the Russian made his opponent submit. It shows an enraged Nurmagomedov jump into the crowd. It also shows McGregor trying to follow him.

However, it can then be seen, that the Irishman throws a punch at one of Nurmagomedov’s crew-mates, as he is on top of the fence along with McGregor.

The fighting continues, with the ‘Notorious One’ going up against several of his opponent’s ‘friends’, before being punched from behind.

This footage does not change the outcome of what happened and it does not move away from the fact that was Nurmagomedov did was unsportsmanlike. It does, however, provide a new perspective for those looking to view McGregor as the victim in all the chaos that ensued.