McGregor talks tough ahead of UFC 229 showdown

Khabib vs McGregor

With little under than three weeks to go until arguably the biggest match-up MMA history, Conor McGregor spoke alongside Khabib Nurmagomedov in the first press conference for their UFC 229 showdown in Las Vegas.

“Don’t come at the king, don’t ever come at the king,” McGregor yelled at Khabib during the press conference in New York.

“I am in a war state of mind,” McGregor said. “That’s how I’m getting ready. That’s how I am getting ready”.

He said of his opponent: “He’s in over his head. I’m going to pick him apart and bully him in there and absolutely maul him.”

Nurmagomedov sees things differently.

“I think I’m going to make him tired and afterward play with him,” the man from Dagestan said. “Because when he’s tired he’s always gives up.”

The fight on October 6th will be McGregor’s first since his arrest in New York over an incident in which he threw a metal dolly at a bus that Khabib was riding in.

McGregor said that he is thankful Khabib was a “coward” who did not get off of the bus at the time.

“I just thank the lord Jesus Christ that that man did not have the b***s to step foot off that bus because trust me — or that the bus door did not open — because if that bus door had opened, I would not be here right now,” McGregor said. “He would be in a box, and I would be in a cell”.