Covington wants Woodley at UFC 230

Tyron Woodley pulled off a stunning victory over Darren Till at UFC 228 in Dallas on Saturday, but it seems not everyone was impressed.

The reigning welterweight champion finished off the British challenger inside two rounds after a crushing display, but Woodley’s fourth title defence did nothing for former interim champion Colby Covington.

Trash-talking king Covington, who was stripped of his interim belt when he opted to have sinus surgery rather than fight Woodley, was quick to call out the champion for a fight at UFC 230 in November in New York.

Woodley was quick to respond to the taunts, telling reporters that Covington was the one who had ducked the opportunity to fight for the belt.

“[Covington] had a chance,” Woodley told reporters at the post-fight press conference. “He let Darren Till go out there and take his whooping for him.

“He tried to pause and tried to wait for a bigger pay-per-view, because his eyes got big. My thing is, I’m gonna fight anybody. I’m the best in the world, anybody they put in front of me, they’re gonna get beat up.

“If it’s Colby Covington, if it’s [Kamaru] Usman, if it’s [middleweight champion] Robert Whittaker. Whoever they want me to fight, we’re gonna do it.”

Woodley, 36, added that Covington didn’t really deserve his shot after opting for surgery rather than a fight with him.
“I’m not saying I am gonna fight him, because I don’t feel like he deserves my platform right now,” Woodley said. “He had his chance to be here. He bitched out, if you want to be honest and frank. He talked all this crap and when he got in the hot seat, the second he won that belt, I said, ‘Let’s come get this smoke.’ He got quiet.”

Covington was not deterred though, later posting another challenger to Woodley on Instagram.