GSP totally confident Khabib will beat McGregor

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre said he would put his house on Conor McGregor losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

Last week, another UFC powerhouse in Anderson Silva gave the Russian champion the edge in the upcoming Las Vegas superfight against McGregor, and now it seems St-Pierre is following suit.

Like many in the UFC world, GSP is backing Khabib’s superior grappling skills to effectively be McGregor’s kryptonite.

Combine that stylistic mismatch with the fact that it will be McGregor’s first time back in the Octagon since he claimed the 155lbs title in the main event of UFC 205 almost two years ago, and St. Pierre isn’t giving the Irishman much of a chance.

“If I have to bet, if I have to put my house on it, I have to choose Khabib over Conor,” St-Pierre told Submission Radio.

“Khabib has never lost – he’s never lost. Conor has lost before, he’s lost on the ground.

“He has a few losses and he’s lost on the ground, which is where Khabib is good. That’s where Khabib is the more competent at.”

If McGregor is to have any chance of success, St-Pierre reckons he must take advantage of ‘The Eagle’s’ tendency to leave his chin in the air when he comes in for takedowns.

“Khabib sometimes is a slow starter and he gets punches a lot,” St-Pierre added. “He didn’t look good in the beginning of the fight (against Michael Johnson).

“And he’s hard to close distance – he has a problem with closing the distance.

“But once he gets you in the clinch, he’s very good.

“So I believe the odds go in Khabib’s favour. Maybe 60 to 40, I believe.”

All will be revealed when McGregor challenges Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title at UFC 229 on October 6.