Confident Cejudo wants to be ‘triple champ’

New UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo has said he wants to add the bantamweight crown to his growing collection of titles.

Fresh from his stunning win over long-time flyweight king Demetrious Johnson at UFC 227 on Saturday night, the 31-year old former Olympic wrestling gold medallist declared himself ready to take on TJ Dillashaw for the 135 pound belt.

“If you guys watch my fight look at how muscular, how much bigger I am than Demetrious Johnson,” Cejudo told reporters post fight. “I’m a tank, man. I can easily fill out at 135 pounds and feel good.

“The other reason, too, they’ve always talked about T.J and D.J. superfight. They neglected Henry Cejudo in the promos. They neglected Henry Cejudo in practically everything.

“And I get it because America is all about winners. Now that I’m a winner, I’m asking. I’m an Olympic champ. I’m a UFC champ. And now I’m asking to be a triple champ.”

Cejudo added that he is happy for Dillashaw to move down a weight class, but he would rather move up as he wants to break records.

“If he wants to come down we can talk, I’d rather go up,” added Cejudo. “I want to make history.”

Cejudo also talked about what it took to defeat the previously dominant Johnson.

“I had to keep mixing and making it awkward for him, and I noticed even with Demetrious that the more you make him scramble, he gets tired,” he added. “He gets tired, he’s human, and I said it before: He bleeds just like me. Tonight was my night.

“I think it was patience. I think that was key, and timing, and not allowing a lot of his movement to disorient me. Because he moves a lot, he’s super hard to hit. He’s got a tiny head, like somehow it’s big from the back, but his face, it’s small. So when you fight Demetrious, it’s a small target.

“He’s unlike any other flyweight and I think that was the difference. Like, I’ve got to wait for my opportunity. I might have to get hit a couple of times to give a good hard blow and then transition to my wrestling.”