McGregor coach wants Diaz trilogy

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh is eager for his fighter to faceoff with Nate Diaz one last time.

McGregor and Diaz have fought twice in 2016, with McGregor losing via submission in the first then earning a narrow majority decision win in the second clash.

While both fighters have since seemingly slipped into the ether, Kavanagh is eager to see the duo go toe-toe-toe again.

“Nate Diaz is my favourite fight, by the way,” Kavanagh told

“If I could pick a fight for the next one it would be that trilogy. I realise it’s not the fan-favorite.

“For me, he had already lost to him, it’s a bigger guy. Conor’s skill set is shutting people’s consciousness off and he’s impossible – a freaking Homer Simpson head, he just keeps moving forward.

“Conor’s bravery in it, I’ve seen Conor fight a lot of people that he’s able to walk through and that’s great, it’s fun and you raise a belt, but it doesn’t it doesn’t really excite me that much, not really.

“But that fight, if you’d been around him, by the time he’d got backstage [after losing the first Diaz fight], we were watching that night, and then the next morning he was not off the phone until Lorenzo and Dana [White] said that would be his next fight.”

Kavanagh also mentioned the possibility of taking on UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“The fan favorite without a close second is the Khabib fight, but for me, it’s the Nate Diaz rematch and I think the Khabib fight is a lot more straightforward,” he continued.

McGregor’s last appearance in the octagon was in 2016 and the Irishman is currently in a legal battle after throwing a trolly at a bus at UFC 223.