Cowboy not retiring after Singapore sting

Donald Cerrone said he will not retire following his defeat to Leon Edwards at UFC Fight Night Singapore on Saturday, vowing to carry on until the UFC tells him to quit.

Cowboy lost on a unanimous decision to Edwards in Saturday’s main event in what was a close contest, the defeat seeing Cerrone’s recent record drop to four defeats in his last five fights.

Despite his poor run of form, Cerrone said that he doesn’t think his brand has been diminished.

“I don’t think I lost any stock,” Cerrone said afterwards. “I love my job more than any of you can ever imagine. I love getting in there and fighting, so winning and losing is part of this game. Of course it sucks. I only got half my check, but hey, I had fun. I really did. I had a good time.”

The 35-year old then paid his respects to Edwards, who took his UFC record to 8-2.

“He went out there and got the unanimous decision, five rounds, good for him,” Cerrone said.

“Congratulations. I’m still looking to fight two more times this year, so if there’s anybody out there looking to fight ‘Cowboy,’ the old dog, give me a call and we can set this up.”

The UFC veteran added that he had no intention of hanging up his gloves.

“I’m going to go until UFC says, ”’Cowboy,’ enough, bro. Enough, enough, enough,’” Cerrone said. “(I want to fight) at least five more years, definitely. At least. Until the UFC says, ‘No more.’”

Cerrone also revealed that he came close to pulling out of fight after falling ill with a bout of vomiting.

“Just sick throwing up – couldn’t get out of bed – just feeling like shit all morning, all day,” Cerrone said.

“I wasn’t feeling like showing up to work, man. That’s how I was feeling. That’s the only way I can tell it.

“It was the closest I’ve ever been in my whole career to calling the boss and saying, ‘Hey, man, I’m not going to make it.’ Then I rolled over about 5 o’clock, looked in the mirror and said, ‘You’re not that guy.’ So I got up and said, ‘Let’s go.’ Here I am.

“That has nothing to do with the way I fought,” Cerrone said. “I’m very proud of myself, actually, for getting in there and fighting. So, I’m happy. I don’t have any remorse or doubt or upset in any way.”