Li Wei Bin eyes Chinese glory

The 18-year-old entered the one-night four way flyweight competition at ONE FC: Dynasty of Champions, and the young fighter defeated Hao Yi Jie in the semifinal and then Wang Wei to win the tournament.

He believes his training was vital to his victory, he also thinks making short work of Jie in his first bout helped with his stamina in the the second/

Bin told MMAFighting: "It was the most exciting thing I've done in my life. The thrill of proving that you are the best on that night. I'm very happy to emerge victorious.

"The only difference is that I had to make sure my cardio is at tip-top condition. I knew going in that I could be in the cage for two full fights so I was prepared for that and knew I had the cardio to perform better than my opponent.

"I know Hao Yi Jie was a good striker, so I looked for the takedown and brought him out of his element, successfully submitting him. In the finals, I knew Wang Wei was a decent ground fighter, so I fought to keep him standing. In the end, it all worked out in my favor. I am glad I am more well-rounded and able to exploit my opponent's weaknesses."

He added: "I couldn't have won this tournament without my coach, Zhang Zhan Jun. He was with me every day throughout this camp and arranged all my training. He supervised everything and pushed me hard when I needed it most. For this tournament, we did things differently than we usually do. Mornings we spent drilling Muay Thai, bag work, pads and sparring. The afternoons were spent drills ground fighting and weights.  Evenings were spent drilling problems we thought might come up in this tournament."

For Bin this fight was only the beginning though, he concluded: "My goal right now is to become the best flyweight from China in ONE FC."