New footage of McGregor attack released

UFC fighter Al Iaquinta has released a new video featuring an enraged Conor McGregor moments after he attacked a bus at UFC 223.

Iaquinta was a last minute replacement for Tony Ferguson to face off with Khabib Nurmagomedov in New York. He was on the bus with the Russian and a host of other UFC superstars when the former lightweight champion threw a dolly at the bus, breaking the back window.

As Iaquinta explains, according to Sports Joe…

"Everyone was freaking out. That was insane. No one knew what was going on. Everyone was' What the heck is this?' 'What are we under attack from?' And then we saw Conor running and we were like, 'Oh… alright.' So I whipped out my phone and I just started filming him."

And this was the result…

The shattered glass injured a number of fighters, some of which were forced to withdraw from the card. McGregor, who was since arrested and posted bail – is set to appear back in court in New York on 14 June.