Bizzare! MMA delivers another crazy moment

At LFA 36 on Friday night, Drew Chatman beat Irvins Ayala in his professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) debut however what happened next has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Ayala knocked himself out when his chin slammed into a prone Chatman’s knee after he attempted a hammer fist.

That’s a pretty unusual sequence of events in itself – a fighter being KO’ed unintentionally.

What followed though takes the cake in the ever-growing strange MMA moments highlights reel.

With Ayala unconscious and lying face down on the canvas, Chatman celebrated the victory by doing a front flip off of Ayala’s back.

His win was quickly overturned into a disqualification, because he struck his opponent after the bell.

Chatman has been suspended for 90 days by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

“I want to apologize to Irvins Ayala,” Chatman said later.

“He was a good opponent. And he brought the fight to me. And he had a lot of heart. It was not a good move on my part as a martial artist.”