Emotional Rousey reflects on Nunes loss

Ronda Rousey has said very few words about her unceremonial exit from the UFC, but she finally opened up during a WWE segment.

At the end of 2016, Rousey stepped into the octagon with a fired up Amanda Nunes for UFC 207. The Brazilian needed just 48 seconds to floor the former bantamweight Queen with a devastating foray of punches. Little did Rousey fans know, it would be widely considered her last fight.

In a promotional segment for WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania, the Californian had some solemn words about the loss.

“I remember my last fight, walking away thinking God hates me,” said the 31-year-old.

“I had nothing left in me. My husband [UFC heavyweight Travis Browne] is amazing, and he really brought me out of some tough times. He would just look at me and say, ‘You’re not only this. You’re more than just a fighter.’ And that’s not a bad thing, that’s not something I should be ashamed of. It’s something I should embrace and showcase to the world, and that’s why I’m here.

“I’m not afraid to care anymore. I needed to be miserable then to be truly happy now. It’s all led to this, and I didn’t even realize that I’ve always been on this path.”

While Rousey has never officially retired from the UFC, it seems unlikely she will return given her upswing in WWE.