Nurmagomedov says UFC 223 unparalleled

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Kabib Nurmagomedov has claimed his scrap with Tony Ferguson at UFC 223 in early April is the most important fight in the UFC at the moment.

When Nurmagomedov and Ferguson lock horns in New York on the seventh of April, Conor McGregor’s lightweight belt will be on the line.

The matchup between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson has already been made on three separate occasions, yet it has fallen through every time.

Whether that contributes or detracts from the legitimacy of this meeting is another matter altogether however what simply cannot be debated is the pedigree of this bout on a purely fighting level.

Ferguson is currently riding a 10-fight win streak while Nurmagomedov brings with him a nine-fight win streak and an overall MMA record of 25-0.

It’s a showdown between two of the most dominant lightweights of the past five years and arguably two of the best strikers in the UFC full stop.

Speaking ahead of the event, Nurmagomedov is confident UFC 223 will deliver.

“Only four weeks before fight, tough opponent, real belt on the line,” Nurmagomedov said recently.

“Ten win streak versus nine win streak. UFC never make this fight. 25 years UFC history, they never make fight like this fight. This is high level fight.

“This is going to be very good for fans, for guy who gonna take this belt, UFC gonna make money.

“Everyone gonna be happy because this fight very high level fight and this fight most important fight in UFC today.

“I’m going to make this fight easy.

“People gonna talk about this fight, ‘Wow, nobody do this before with Tony Ferguson.’

“Like I do with Michael Johnson, like I do Rafael dos Anos, like I do with Edson Barboza, with everybody.

“Who beat them like this? I’m gonna do this again with Tony Ferguson.”

The winner at UFC 223 will have every chance of being rewarded with a fight with Conor McGregor – that’ surely worth more than anything else in the UFC.