Schaub to drop down to light-heavyweight

Former Ultimate Fighter finalist Brendan Schaub has confirmed his intention to move down to the light heavyweight division.

The 32-year-old has reportedly been considering the move down to the 205-pound category and confirmed his decision during his 'Fighter and the Kid' podcast on FOX Sports.

"As far as the fight game goes, I've dealt with some injuries as far as my neck, went back into training, it gave me some issues so we decided to take a little more time off," Schaub said.

"The plan is 205 and I will fight in 2015 at 205, light heavyweight."

Although dropping from 244 pounds to 205 may seem difficult task, Schaub added that his transition will take place ahead of his next bout, although he refused to say who he was likely to meet in the Octagon.

"Potential matchups? No idea, no clue," Schaub continued.

"I'm sure you guys have better ideas than me. That's the plan."
Schaub has gone 2-4 over his last six UFC fights and has been training with former UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.