Woodley willing to go to middleweight to fight GSP

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley revealed he is willing to go up a weight class in order to secure a super fight with Georges St. Pierre.

GSP made a successful return to the UFC, choking out Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship belt last month.

Meanwhile, Woodley has cleaned out the welterweight division, the St.Pierre's former stomping ground, drawing then beating number one contender Stephen Thompson for another decion win over veteran Demian Maia in July. 

The Missouri native was hoping for a UFC 219 fight with the elusive Nate Diaz, but that hype train has derailed spectacularly with Diaz holding out for a bigger payday.

“I’d give up my belt at welterweight and fight him for the middleweight title and stay at middleweight,” the 35-year-old is quoted as saying by MMA Junkie.

“I want to fight Georges, and he’s not fighting in my weight. So I’ll come up and see you there. And I do think there are some guys I can compete with in the middleweight division. I’m going to be so much faster. I don’t think I’m giving up that much power in the punching."

However, with GSP now apparently sidelined due to a bowel inflammatory disease for an unknown amount of time – not to mention a likely fight against interim middleweight champion Robert Whittaker – Woodley realises he has to keep his options open.

“I’m open to any fight – anything that makes sense for me,” the welterweight king continued.

“But right now, I’m not putting myself on a box and saying, ‘These are my next guys.’ Who else is doing that? What other division beside my division is forced to actually compete against the No. 1 contender?

“That’s forced to say you have to fight this guy? Nobody else is in that position. With that said, I’m just keeping my options open.”

Just to add to all the uncertainly, Woodley is considering shoulder surgery.

“I’ve just been praying over it and giving it some thought and, man, I really don’t feel like I need to do it,” Woodley said.

“Me and [coach Duke Roufus] were in there hitting pads, working on technique and stuff yesterday. I feel like a beast.”