Aldo’s coach hints his fighter won’t retire

Emerson ‘Falcao’ Vieira, kickboxing coach to Jose Aldo, has taken to social media to respond to Brazilian fans disappointed in his defat to Max Holloway, suggesting the former featherweight champion will continue to fight.

After Aldo’s second straight loss to Holloway at UFC 218 this past weekend, it seems UFC fans are coming down extremely hard on the 31-year-old.

Aldo, who once went on a seven-fight unbeaten run in the UFC, has not spoken publicly since the weekend but Vieira released a statement of his own on Instagram which stated that ‘war continues’, putting to bed any rumours that his protégé will retire.

“Many talk, few know,” the post read.

“This is the truth, Brazilians are used to idolizing crooks and crucifying heroes. It’s almost cultural. Who should be supporting us is pointing fingers, criticizing and judging without having any knowledge to talk about the topic. We’re used to fighting rivals and receive critics from the ones who were supposed be on our side.

“Yesterday, our champion Jose Aldo did his part, fought bravely against a really tough opponent, who was superior in the fight and won, like [Aldo] did for many years and still has what it takes to do. Sports are like this, nothing and no one will erase your story in life and in fighting. Your friends and teammates are proud of everything you’ve already done and will still do. Nothing changed. We lost a battle, but war continues.”