McGregor’s dad rubbishes ‘gangster pub brawl’ claims

conor mcgregor

Tony McGregor has rubbished media reports doing the rounds alleging his son, Conor, punched a man with links to a Dublin crime figure on Sunday.

Earlier in the week, renowned Irish crime journalist Paul Williams alleged on Newstalk Breakfast, a radio show he co-hosts, that McGregor is on the verge of being officially warned by police that his safety is at risk.

McGregor, according to unconfirmed UK reports, became embroiled in a Dublin pub fight that saw him hit three men with links to the infamous Kinahan cartel – including the father of gangster Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan.

Internet speculation, unconfirmed, said that McGregor’s life may be in danger unless he paid 900,000 euros ($1.4 million) to Whelan.

Williams, citing his own sources, said concern over McGregor was genuine.

But Tony McGregor has rubbished all of these claims by telling the Irish Mirror the UFC star’s family had nothing to fear from the deadly Kinahan cartel or anyone else.

“That’s all nonsense, that is. Absolute nonsense. It’s an absolute nonsense story,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“It’s grown legs and it’s getting that ridiculous – it’s become funny. We have nothing to fear here whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything.

“We’re a law-abiding family and we’ve stayed a law-abiding family.”

He added: “As a matter of fact, right now I’m going out to buy my TV licence. I’d view 95% of that story as nonsense and the other 5% is overly exaggerated. And that’s it.”

A barman at the pub where the incident is alleged to have taken place also shot down claims of any such incident happening.

“It’s a lot of s*** over nothing really. That’s all I can say to you,” he told the Irish Mirror.