Has GSP fought for the last time?

UFC champion Georges St-Pierre may have competed for the last time, believes friend and former training partner Patrick Cote.

St-Pierre returned from four years away from the Octagon to triumph at UFC 217 earlier this month and take the middleweight belt away from Michael Bisping.

But Cote sensed that the Canadian was proving a point to himself by competing again at highest level and wouldn’t be surprised if the 36-year-old now decides to retire.

“He was staying in the cage and he was kind of feeling everything he was able to grab about all the emotion,” Cote told the MMA Hour.

“He was in the cage for almost 20 minutes after the fight, so he was looking away, looking at everything, and he looked like he was grabbing all the energy and just to say, ‘Alright, that was that, I did it. And now I’m not going to miss that anymore’.”

If GSP does fight again, Cote would be surprised if it was either at middleweight or welterweight.

He believes that GSP would need a sufficiently tempting bout to compete, such as a fantasy lightweight clash against Conor McGregor.

“I don’t know if he’s going to be able to make 155, but it’s not going to be like before – eight, nine, or 10 months, take time,” he added.

“But if he’s coming back and it’s not against Conor (McGregor) for a superfight or something like that, I don’t know the reason for him to come back.”