Diaz camp still waiting for $15m payday

Nate Diaz’s camp revealed that the UFC is yet to offer the right price for the MMA veteran to get back in the octagon.

The American last featured in two titanic clashes at welterweight with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor in 2016, winning the first and narrowly losing the second in a majority decision.

Now, his team is after a trilogy fight with the Irishman and trainer Richard Perez has been throwing out some rather large numbers that would secure an appearance from the popular Diaz. 

“$15 million easy…easy,” Perez told Submission Radio

“Because, I mean, he’s a star right now. I mean, McGregor can’t even fight right now; he got suspended. And [UFC welterweight champion Tyron] Woodley’s trying to fight everybody. He says McGregor doesn’t want to fight him, he says B.J. Penn doesn’t want to fight him.

"He’s naming all these people that don’t want to fight him, because he’s trying to get his name out. He’s trying to get up there, and nobody wants to. I mean, he’s got the belt. So what? The belt don’t mean nothing no more. It’s about who you’re fighting to make the money.”


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Worryingly, Perez makes sense. It’s quite correct that a bout with Woodley – who has cleaned out the welterweight division and would be an overwhelming favourite against Diaz – is not the ‘money fight’ the camp is after.

As Perez says, even the fans want to see a trilogy fight.

“Everybody wants to see McGregor and Nathan,” he said. 

“Woodley is out of the picture. I mean, he’s just blubbering now and talking because he wants to get noticed. He wants to be up there on top, too. I don’t blame him. That’s normal for a fighter, because he has the belt. He thinks the belt’s important, it’s not right now. It’s about who you’re fighting. 

"That’s why he’s trying to get Nathan. He’s trying to get McGregor. But what everybody wants to really see is McGregor and Nathan. That’s all I ever hear."

And you can bet your bottom dollar that Diaz is on board with all this, as he has has also already demanded a huge fee for a McGregor for trilogy fight and even turned down a lightweight bout with interim champion Tony Ferguson this year.