GSP chokes out Bisping for sensational comeback win

Georges Saint-Pierre pulled off a superb comeback victory to defeat middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217 in New York on Saturday.

The 36-year old Canadian legend finished off Bisping via a rear-naked choke in the third round to claim a second weight division championship on his comeback, four years after retiring.

The fight was a cagey affair early on as Bisping tried to stay away from St-Pierreā€™s take down ability, the two fighter exchanging blows , while GSP tried his luck with several kicks. After both fighters landed some good punches, the challenger made his first takedown only for Bisping to get back up after around 15 seconds.

The second round continued in the same vein, with the duo trading kicks and punches before another GSP takedown and another Bisping escape act. The Canadian looked to be tiring toward the end of the round as Bisping enjoyed some success with his punches.

GSP got his opponent down on the canvas again early in the third, but Bisping landed a couple of elbows to leave his head streaming with blood. GSP then started to get on top, landing a succession of kicks and punches before dropping the champ with a left hook.

A stunned Bisping then gave up his back and GSP capitalised, getting him into a choke from which there was no recovery.