Moroz shocks Calderwood at UFC 64

If the undefeated Calderwood had won she could have been fighting for UFC gold next.

Moroz has only been a professional fighter for about a year and a half and with the odds stacked against her a win would make her ain immediate contender in the division.

And she made short work of her much fancied opponent.

The fight started with Calderwood attacking with kicks while Moroz tried to counter-punch. In the beginning Calderwood looked like she was settling into her rhythm and range.

But out of nowhere Moroz connected with a clean punch, upping her aggression, forcing Calderwood into the fence.

When Calderwood tried to clinch, Moroz reacted quickly pulling guard and latching onto an armbar.

Calderwood could not pull away quick enough and Moroz was quick to get her legs heavy on the head. She then attempted to stack the Polish grappler, but Moroz had already locked the submission in.

And 90 seconds later it was all over as Moroz, being a grappler, was quick to capitalize on that. 

Once the fight moved onto the canvas, it was clear how outmatched Calderwood was in terms of grappling.

Moroz has now jumped up the rankings to number ten.